• Bish Mubarak had founded a company called TBG International

  • Posted on January 16, 2014
  • Bish Mubarak attended the University of Western Ontario, which is one of the best schools in Canada for higher education. Bish Mubarak was certainly a beneficiary of this education and it is reflected in his success in the business world. His Bachelor's degree prepared him for the world of business and he soon dove into that. By the age of twenty-six, Bish Mubarak had founded a company called TBG International. This company would soon become a major player in the energy industry, despite it being a new field. The energy industry was not only highly competitive, but was only recently deregulated. Bish Mubarak's reliance upon both supplying superior business practices and on innovation allowed him to quickly create a very successful firm in the form of TBG International.

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